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How online courses work?

Are you enrolled on an online course but you don't know how it really works?

    You may have learned a lot about this in your student orientation, but you may have some issues understanding how an online class actually works.

In this short article we will try to explain it as clear as we can.


    When you first were accepted by the University, we created an account for you and guided you through some processes to have them activated, and get you enrolled into your online course shells1. You should have a start date in place, and you should have to meet with your Academic Advisor to determine the courses you are to be enrolled for your first semester.

If you got this completed, congratulations!!! Now you can continue reading :D

Our Online Programs work in a very particular way, making use of the best technologies to drive you to success. We make use of a virtual classroom, where you will be able to interact with your peers and professors in a seamlessly way via video conference meetings and chats.

  • Every class has a duration of 8 weeks, and assignments are usually divided by each week, meaning that assignments usually are due each Sunday midnight before the next class week starts.
  • You may have video conference meetings at least once a week with your professors, but this strictly determined by each faculty member.
  • Courses are usually structured to comply with the Florida State Department of Education regulations, while been flexible enough to help you succeed in life.
  • You can find assignments such as quizzes, papers, proctored exams, and forums, among others.

If you have any questions on how to work on our online courses, you can contact your professor directly, or contact us at 

1. Course shells : refers to the online space where your courses are carried out.

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