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How to activate my e-mail account?

Office 365

Whether you are a new student, professor, or staff member you will need to setup an URBE provided...


Blackboard Open LMS Content & Assignments

How to sign into Blackboard Open LMS?

Blackboard Open LMS

After you have created your Student Portal account, you can log into Blackboard Open LMS using th...

Students cannot access the discussion forums

Blackboard Open LMS Commonly found issues and how to solve ...

Are your students getting this error when trying to work on their forums: ”You are not able to ...

Entering manual grades

Blackboard Open LMS Gradebook

Gradebook Setup

Blackboard Open LMS Gradebook

Gradding Items

Blackboard Open LMS Gradebook

Turnitin Assignments

Blackboard Open LMS Content & Assignments

In this article we will cover the topics regarding the Turnitin anti-plagiarism assignment. The ...


Blackboard Open LMS Content & Assignments

Video Conferences (Blackboard Collaborate)

Blackboard Open LMS Content & Assignments

Creating a new Collaborate instance Blackboard Collaborate™ is a simple, convenient and reliable...

How to restore my e-mail password?

Office 365

If you remember your e-mail, but forgot your password. Go to https://passwordreset.microsoftonlin...


Blackboard Open LMS Content & Assignments

Course Settings and Sections

Blackboard Open LMS Content & Assignments

Please watch this guide on how to edit your course Settings and Sections. You may need to Sign i...

Enrolling Students

Blackboard Open LMS

Enrolling students is very simple. Please follow this short guide in order to have your roster in...

How online courses work?

Open LMS

Are you enrolled on an online course but you don't know how it really works?     You may have le...

How to reset my Blackboard Open LMS password?

Open LMS

To restore your password, please go to click and sign ...

How to sign into your Learning Management Platform?

Open LMS

After you have activated your URBE E-mail, you will be able to sign in to your LMS using the inst...

EdTech Community Wiki

Q & A

Start collaborating here

How to create and sign into my Student Portal account?

Student Portal

In order to view important information such as final grades, class schedule, etc, you need to cre...

How to obtain Microsoft Office365 for your workstation.

Office 365

URBE University offers Office365 suite for free for all its students and faculty members. To ob...

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